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Our mission is to choose top class professional and bright students and make them skillful according to Japanese job market.

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We use it to give our students as broad a knowledge and understanding of Japan as possible in addition to language acquisition and to increase the number of bridges between Japan and Pakistan for the next generation of Japan-Pakistan relations.

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Clear Mission

Our mission is to choose top class professional and bright students and make them skillful according to Japanese job market. The Japanese language will be taught mainly, where grammar, vocabulary, culture, kanji and basic ethics will instructed .

No Age Limit

There is no age limit for students, interested people can join a meeting and if they have questions, can be answered on the web portal. The Japanese Level will be from Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT 1- JLPT 5).

Communication Skills

During Japanese learning, students or professional will also learn how to communicate with Japanese people, unfortunately in Pakistan many skills like public place ethics, inside house ethics and other place ethics are not properly learnt.

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Dr. Muhammad Jehanzeb Khan

Dr. Jehanzeb Khan spent 11 years abroad, In which he learnt about various( Nanotechnology, MEMS devices, Integrated circuit, Micro/Nano Electronics) technologies in Europe and Japan.

Dr. Jehanzeb Khan studied Nanotechnologies for Information and Communication technologies in Italy for 2 years and later joined SAET spa as Research Associate. His work included development of User Interface for machines in a company. He was awarded Italian government scholarship to do research in Japan for 1 year. Later he won Japanese government scholarship (MEXT). He has experience of developing Packaging technology for MEMS devices. His developed technology is being used as commercial product by SONY Semiconductor Corporation, Kagoshima Japan.

Dr. Jehanzeb holds Ph.D. In Robotics Engineering. He did his Ph.D. As a MEXT scholar. This scholarship is so competitive that only 8 students are selected every year from all over Pakistan. Post- Doc was related to development of Commercialized Gyroscope technology for SONY, Japan. His Masters was from Politecnico Di Torino, Italy in Nanotechnologies. His won prestigious scholarship from Italian government to study in Japan. His basic degree is in Computer Engineering from UET, Taxila, Pakistan.

Dr. Jehanzeb plans to use the talent of young people of pakistan. We are preparing skilled persons for Japanese markets. Our focus is exactly on core values which Japan welcomes e.g. IT skilled persons who knows traditions of Japan and somehow speak some intermediate level of Japanese. This brightens the chances of our youth and can be easily accepted in Japanese society. For Future we are planning to provide services in tourism, professional translators for official delegations, TV news reporters and IT services.

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